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'Children will listen to you after they feel listened to'


Jane Nelson

Our Services

Supervised Contact Service comes to an end by December 1st 2021

The ACC Supervised Contact Service is typically used when a referral has been made by a public body such as from the courts, Cafcass or a local authority, but families may also self-refer. The contact between the parent or caregiver and child or young person is supervised, monitored and assessed by a member of our staff at all times. There is a fee of £30.00 for a single, mandatory report. There is also a single referral charge of £75.00 and each session, typically up to hour is charged at £50.00

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Supported Contact Service

Our Supported Contact service helps children and young people to see a parent or secondary caregiver.  This is to establish or re-establish meaningful relationships, similar to a Supervised Contact session. Staff and volunteers will always be on hand to give support when required. No reports are necessary for this service and minimal supervision offered. There is a single referral charge of £55.00, and each session typically, up to one hour is charged at £50.00 

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At A C C / AoC Children's Contact Centre, we believe that children are the very essence of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today. As the leading accredited Children's Centre in Central Dudley, West Midlands, we go above and beyond to provide children, young people, parents and secondary caregivers of these children an empowering environment, where they can reconnect and rebuild positive and healthy relationships in a caring and supportive space.


Our goals are to make our contact centre the most welcoming and most accessible. After December 1st 2021 ACC will no longer be providing Supervised or Escorted contact. Please take time to view all our other services and if you have any questions do not hesitate to call or write to us. 

We are here to serve and support you.  ACC is regulated and accredited by The National Association of Child Contact Centres, and is managed by The Arts of Change Trust (The AoC Trust), Dudley,

West Midlands.



After December 1st 2021, ACC will no longer be providing Supervised or Escorted contact. We will continue to provide other contact services including: Supported, Indirect and Handover contact. Please visit the NACCC website to search for your nearest contact centre if you wish to locate Supervised or Escorted contact provision.


ACC were also proud winners of the COVID-Hero award by The National Association for Child Contact Centres (NACCC.)


The award ceremony took place on May 19th 2021. 


At ACC / Dudley Accredited Children's Contact Centre, we have been involved with our ever growing community by supporting all ages with emotional, psychological, behavioural, social and family difficulties and with a lot of success. ACC’s management support - The AoC (The Arts of Change) has been the winner of several awards and nominations for first rate, professional, innovative and creative services.

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Opening Times Extended

ACC opening timess have now been extended to weekends.

New Brochure

ACC's New Brochure

ACC has brought out a new colour information brochure which is packed full of info about our service.

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Upcoming Events

    Fri, Apr 23
    West Midlands
    Apr 23, 8:34 AM – 12:34 PM
    West Midlands, 27, Holloway Chambers, Priory St, Dudley DY1 1HA, UK
    Pre-Visits are a great way for your child/ren and both parents to come to visit our centre and meet some of the team, view the contact rooms, learn about our rules and regulations and have the opportunity to ask any questions or share concerns. Parents will be invited to attend on separate dates.


Please complete this form if you are making an initial enquiry about ACC Child Contact Centre in Central Dudley, West Midlands, and want to talk to someone first before completing a referral form, or wish to find out more about any of our services.

Please leave a brief message below stating your personal details or organisation: company name, the service you are interested in and your contact number.  We aim to respond promptly within 48 hours. Many thanks.

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