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Teaching You To Play Effectively With Your Child

Attachment in Play & Drama (APD) helps you to have a basic understanding of the powerful functions of the the human heart, body and brain. APD show you creatively how ali three interrelate and connect to our emotional and playful worlds.  APD also teaches how drama and play can help all ages understand and heal distorted attachment relationships through experiencing sensory play, role playing, developing greater awareness of our self, environments and others with no previous experience of play or drama whatsoever. These are not drama classes but both play and drama are used based upon extensive and evidenced based research, as tools to fix broken attachment and improve long lasting and healthier emotional bonds between child/ren and parents.

APD is a creative, solution focused journey of how one navigates themselves towards healthy attachment of self, partner, friends and family. As society becomes more isolated and disconnected from communities, families and the individual self, there is a growing need to access a set of skills that provides a sustainable ‘toolkit’ based upon heart science, neuroscience and attachment-based theory.

If you want to sign up for a place on our APD course or want to find out more then please let one of ACC team know and they will take all your details and get you registered.  Each course has a maximum of 16 participants and the course is practical where you will be doing a lot of moving, sharing and playing. The course is for adults 18+.  We normally run the course at our contact centre in one of our lovely training rooms and the course takes place only on one day from 10am – 2pm.


ACC General Opening times:  Monday – Friday:  10am – 6pm. Saturdays: 9am - 3pm


ACC Team:

ACC Coordinator/Team Leader:  Christian Dixon

ACC Administrator:  Ben Franklin

Tel: 01384 211168


Please feel free to contact us either by telephone or email. We will endeavour to respond to all calls and emails within two working days.

ACC Governing Team:

Chair: Neil Allen

Secretary: Julie Nettleship

More Attachment in Play & Drama Service: History
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