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Time To Learn To Play!

The Mary Poppins Magical Play workshops (MPMP) are for all young children aged from 0 years to 4 years and parents, secondary caregivers or guardians or parents who may have attachment issues with their beloved child/ren.

The exciting and playful weekly workshops strengthens bonding, interpersonal relationships through creative, rhythmic, and sensorial play.

Parents of any sex; male or female may come along with one or two children and get messy, splash about in water, experience finger painting , playing with a wide range of soft materials in order to open up the five senses and support parents abilities to transform themselves into the natural teachers that they are: listening to their child, paying attention to their child, loving their child appropriately, and best of all in the traditional Mary Poppins way – playing with their child in order to nurture their child’s self-development towards healthy adulthood.

Parents will learn:

  • Understand the importance of play

  • How to set up play areas for their toddlers and dress them appropriately for ‘playtimes.’

  • Explore a wide range of techniques to engage their child into the world of play.

  • How to allow the child freedom of expression and take ‘the lead.’

  • How to develop their own magical play games.

MPMP helps parents and child experience a powerful combination of security, trust and ritual, with exploration, risk taking and stimulation. Ritual and risk, as research shows, are the dual components of early physical play and the balance between them is essential in the healthy development of the child.

MPMP will support in particular, parents who have experienced a difficult child birth caused either biologically (eg child delivered upside down) or psychologically (eg post-traumatic stress disorder).

MPMP will also show participants how to:

  • Play creatively with the five senses

  • Work with messy play

  • Work with water play

  • Songs, music and rhythms

  • Storytelling

MPMP will be delivered once weekly for up to two hours per session over 12 weeks and can accommodate 10 adults and up to two children per adult.

Abba Gordon (a professional therapist will be facilitating MPMP for The AOC and ACC– along with her new daughter born in September 2018) Abba already is mother to two grown up children and, therefore, is a very experienced mother.

Fee: £20.00 per week for 2 hours play and learn.

To Book a Place call:  01384 211168 and state you are interested in the MPMP service.

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