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Professional Therapy for Children, Young People or Adults

The ACC offers award winning counselling and therapy in a wide range of styles including person-centred, integrative counselling, CBT, mindfulness to our more creative arts therapies including dramatherapy, art therapy, play therapy and dance and movement therapy.

Sessions last typically 50 minutes to one hour and usually takes place once a week at a time agreeable for you, your child/ren or family. We offer daytime, evening and weekend support as well as telephone, home and video-distance counselling and therapy support.

All people from all backgrounds go through some form of emotional, psychological or social disturbance during their life time and it may come in the form of family break up; parents separating, loss, bereavement, anger, depression, anxiety, stress, loss of self-confidence, abuse and more.

ACC helps all of these issues and much more. We have several trained and registered therapists and counsellors, so our waiting times is much shorter than if you went through your GP or NHS as their waiting times can take up to several months before you would get any support. At the ACC our typical waiting times are typically no more than two to three weeks.

ACC listens to your needs and will always strive to help. You can easily refer yourself or refer others (with their consent) by completing our referral form online here or requesting it to be sent to you via email or in the post, simply complete our contact form. As soon as we receive your completed form, we will allocate you the most suitable therapist or counsellor and they will contact you, and you can get started right away.



ACC General Opening times:  Monday – Friday:  10am – 7pm. Saturdays: 9a, - 3pm.


ACC Team:

ACC Coordinator/Team Leader:  Christian Dixon

ACC Administrator:  Ben Franklin

Tel: 01384 211168


Please feel free to contact us either by telephone or email. We will endeavour to respond to all calls and emails within two working days.

ACC Governing Team:

Chair: Neil Allen

Secretary: Julie Nettleship

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