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Dad Wants to See Me, But I Don't Want to See Him!

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Even if Dad or Mum gets a court order to see their child in a Contact Centre, it is not against the law if the child refuses to see them. This is a big problem. The cost of going to court without the guarantee that you as the non-resident parent will automatically see your child, despite the courts' order poses so many questions and concerns. We would love to hear from anyone who wants to share their experiences with ACC Central Dudley, West Midlands. Please leave a comment. You may answer one or all of the questions set out below and particularly we would appreciate comments on the final question. Please be mindful of NOT using any offensive or abusive language, sexist, racist, remarks, as they will not be tolerated and your post will be removed. Also, you don't have to be living in Dudley to leave a post. We Welcome helpful comments from all parents who have experience of Contact Centres anywhere in the UK. Many thanks for your cooperation and especially for sharing.

Has Trust Has Between You and Your Child/ren Been Affected Since Your Separation and Why?

Are Your Children Apprehensive and Fearful of Attending Contact Centres and Why?

Has Your Child ever Been Caught Between Parental Disputes That May Have Influenced Your Child's Opinion Of You?

Have You Experience When Your Ex-Partner wasn't Encouraging Your Child to See You at a Contact Centre? What Proof Did You Have?

Do You Have Any Positive Suggestions To Encourage Your Child and Resident Parent to Build Bridges with You?

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