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Escorting You & Your Child Into The Community

The child/ren and the non-resident parent or secondary caregiver may be escorted to such places as local parks, shops, cinema, libraries, cafes and restaurants.

The Escort service we offer may only be introduced once a regular, safe and sustainable pattern of contact has been established between the child/ren and the non-resident parent or secondary caregiver.

ACC may also be able to support the child/ren and parent/caregiver with appropriate transportation (please discuss with ACC administration - 01384 211168 /, and Escorted Contact places are risk assessed to check their safety and meet the needs of the child/ren involved in the contact before visits can be allowed. We also provide a report.



ACC General Opening times:  Monday – Friday:  10am – 7pm. Saturdays: 10am - 3pm.


ACC Team:

ACC Coordinator/Team Leader:  Christian Dixon

ACC Administrator:  Ben Franklin

Tel: 01384 211168


Please feel free to contact us either by telephone or email. We will endeavour to respond to all calls and emails within two working days.

ACC Governing Team:

Chair: Neil Allen

Secretary: Julie Nettleship

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