Supervised Child Contact Service in Central Dudley, West Midlands

"Here at The ACC Child Contact Centre we always put the needs of the children first."

  • Is there a potential risk of harm to a child or young person or another family member?

  • We ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of children and young people in a one-to-one observed setting and we complete a mandatory report for each session.

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ACC Supervised Contact Service

Our Supervised Contact Service in Dudley is typically used when a referral has been made by a public body such as from the courts, Cafcass or local authority, but families may also self-refer.

The contact between the parent or caregiver and child or young person is supervised, monitored and assessed by a member of staff at all times, with a colleague on hand to provide assistance if required:

  • Details of these sessions are recorded by the staff into a mandatory report for each and every session.

  • ACC will be informed of the details of your case, including relevant court papers and judgements.

  • ACC ensures the physical safety and emotional well-being of children and young people in a one-to-one observed setting.

Resident Parent/Secondary Caregiver:

  • Arrival - As you arrive for contact session, your child/ren or young person should be in the building and waiting in the contact room.  They will have been briefed by the staff and ready for contact to begin

  • Safety First - Our staff team will not allow contact to begin if there are any doubts about the parent/secondary caregivers ability to keep your child safe; you will be told of this on arrival and away from your child/ren

  • Feeling Unsafe? If you are unsure about your safety, you are welcome to call our contact centre before you arrive in order to check that the contact parent is in the building. Alternative arrangements are also possible to help you feel relaxed and safe. Please ask the staff team dealing with your case


There is a fee of £30.00 for a single report. Each session fee is £50.00 up to one hour, and there is also a single referral charge of £75.00

Opening times:

Monday – Friday:  10am – 6.30pm. Saturdays: 10am -3pm.  

We are located in Dudley, The West Midlands


Opening times:  Monday – Friday:  10am – 6.30pm. Saturdays: 10am -3pm.  

ACC Team:

ACC Coordinator/Team Leader:  Christian Dixon 
ACC Administrator:  Ben Franklin

Tel: 01384 211168


Please feel free to contact us either by telephone or email. We will endeavour to respond to all calls

and emails within two working days.

ACC Governing Team:

Chair: Neil Allen
Secretary: Julie Nettleship
Treasurer: Marco Ho